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We the parents/guardians of  (social security number/DMACC ID)  
with a date of birth , a student at ,
give permission for our son/daughter to take college credit classes at the Des Moines Area Community College.

We also agree to provide the necessary admissions documents as required by the College and understand that course placement may be mandatory based on his/her ACT or ACCUPLACER scores.

High School Counselor's email:  Parent's email:
  We understand that some DMACC courses require the completion of a prerequisite prior to registration.   
  We understand that any courses my student is enrolled in will be subject to the enrollment and drop deadlines.   
 I confirm that above information is correct and can be forwarded to High School Official for his/her permission. We understand that the cost of tuition and books is not covered by the high school for classes taken outside of the Career Advantage Program.  

Parent/Guardian Signature:                                                     Date:

*This form needs to be submitted each semester prior to registration.



K-12 School (or Homeschool Parent):

, is a student with our school and in good standing. Based on his/her academic performance to date, this student should be able to meet the challenges of a college credit course.

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  This form's processing is now complete.   

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